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Protected Dunes

The 200 miles of sand dunes on Lake Michigan's east shore is the largest collection of fresh water coastal dunes in the world.

Lake Michigan's world class sand dunes are a unique natural resource that support numerous threatened and endangered species.



Lake Michigan Open Water supports coastal dune initiatives that:

Promote and fund land acquisitions by the state and counties to develop as parks and recreation areas for public use.

Preserve, restore and improve existing Lake Michigan parks.

Keep Lake Michigan beaches free of pollution, litter and bacterial contamination.

Ban new sand dune mining and phase out existing mining in the dunes, while better enforcing Michigan's Sand Dune Protection and Management Act.

Enhance fish and wildlife by restoring and protecting habitats and coastal wetlands.

Dune Information & Resources:

Coastal Erosion of Southern Lake Michigan

Dune Systems [PDF]

Dune & Swale Fact Sheet [PDF]



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