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Lake Michigan Open Water Priorities

1. Open Views

  • Stop Proposed Offshore Wind Farms in Lake Michigan 

  • Prevent critically low water levels in Lake Michigan 

  • Prohibit water diversions via the Water Resources Development Act 

  • Protect key waterfowl migratory routes over Lake Michigan 

  • Prevent oil drilling in Lake Michigan 

  • No solar panels or other private entity structures in Lake Michigan 

  • Improve infrastructure for commercial navigation/recreational boating 

  • Protect, preserve and restore Lake Michigan's lighthouses 




2. Clean Water
3. Protected Dunes
  • Ban new sand dune mining and phase out existing mining in the dunes 

  • Keep Lake Michigan beaches free of contamination & pollution 

  • Preserve, restore and improve existing Lake Michigan parks 

  • Promote land acquisitions to develop for parks and recreation 

  • Enhance fish and wildlife by restoring habitats and coastal wetlands 

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