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The western clouds divided and subdivided themselves into pink flakes modulated with tints of unspeakable softness; and the air had so much life and sweetness, that it was a pain to come within doors. (from Nature, by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The panoramic views over Lake Michigan are truly one of the most beautiful gifts of nature in this country. These pristine scenic vistas over miles of vibrant blue fresh water stretching to the horizon inspire the imagination. Nothing is quite like the magic of watching a golden sunset melting into the water at the edge of infinity.

These uninterrupted open water views are the very essence of the amazing beauty that makes Lake Michigan so special to all who live in the states that surround her, and are vital to the support of our multibillion dollar tourism, sport fishing and recreational boating economies. As such, there can never be a valid reason to erect any structures, such as wind turbines, oil wells or solar panels, anywhere offshore on Lake Michigan or along her coastal dune areas.

Lake Michigan Open Water supports legislation by the states bordering Lake Michigan that would protect their greatest natural resource by permanently prohibiting the construction of wind turbines, or any other offshore structures, in the waters of Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Open Water believes that with the support of Canada and other bordering U.S. states, legislation permanently prohibiting the construction of offshore wind turbines should be extended to all of the Great Lakes.






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