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Lake Michigan Open Water is an informational website dedicated to supporting and preserving the natural beauty of Lake Michigan and her coastal dune areas. As the only one of the Great Lakes to reside completely within the United States, Lake Michigan is the most amazing water resource left in this country, and we believe it should be valued and treated as such.

The Lake Michigan Open Water Organization approaches its preservation efforts in three categories:  Open Views, Clean Water and Protected Dunes. See our Priorities page to read what we believe are the top issues in each category.

While the Lake Michigan Open Water site focuses primarily on Lake Michigan, it is clear that most of the issues we address apply to all of the Great Lakes. In fact, many of these efforts cannot succeed unless they are applied to the entire Great Lakes basin.

Lake Michigan Open Water supports the adoption of broad based conservation policies by the United States and Canada that protect, preserve and further restore the precious water resource that is the Great Lakes.



Lake Michigan Open Water supports Pure Michigan beauty:




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